A Message From Richard Branson – Like A Virgin Book, Secrets They Won’t Teach You In Business School

Richard Branson Like A Virgin Book - Secrets They Won't Teach You In Business School

A Great Message For All Entrepreneurs From Richard Branson’s Like A Virgin Book

In the following excerpt, Richard Branson is talking about taking a concept or idea and turning it into a reality.  He also speaks on the initial failures which often occur when starting a business. This is in response to a reader who wrote to him and was having issues getting his businesses started. The message should provide us all with a nice Inspirational boost! Enjoy…

When you reach the launch stage, don’t be afraid to make that first leap. Most entrepreneurs’ first ventures fail.  I know, because mine did.  However, the lessons you learn from failure are invaluable and will help you with your next attempts. You have to be very determined and accept that the early stages of launching any business are mostly about just surviving.

Turning an idea into reality is a key step that all entrepreneurs have to master. Try to see your ideas through your customers’ eyes, it’ll help you determine which ideas have a chance of succeeding. You should also check out the competitive forces that might work against you. When I was a boy, if I had looked at my ill-fated Christmas tree business through the eyes of a hungry rabbit, I might have thought twice about sinking my savings into it!

Good luck and remember: whether you’re working for a company or setting up your own business, work hard, persevere and smile, and you will be on the road to success!

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This book excerpt is part of a new series that aims to provide you with short, easy to read pieces of knowledge from some of the greatest success and business minds around. Let us know what you think!

Richard Branson – Like A Virgin Book Excerpt


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